Message from Bishop Camillo Ballin

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am happy to know that Jesus Youth Kuwait is entering into another phase in its apostolate through the Web Communication media. It is a very commendable venture which can be coupled with the dynamic temperament proper to youth. You are opening the way for the numerous opportunities that this communication media can offer in the field of transmission, especially the Gospel message.

You are placing a daring step for possible encounter with the world that craves for truth. The so called cyber space provides an open window towards this direction. Hence, it is important that the Christian Community think of very practical ways of helping those who make their initial contact with the world through the Internet.

However, we must remember that the knowledge we get from the visual media can never be a substitute for a real and direct community experience. A lot of information about the Church and its activities are readily available in the net. But it can never replace the profound experience of God which only the living, liturgical and sacramental life of the Church can offer (Pope John Paul II).

Hence I would suggest that the members of the Jesus Youth Community should be basically open to a life of Faith experience through the celebration of the Word and the Sacraments. Hence the communication web media is not an end in itself. Moreover, the message communicated through the media can never take the place of direct contact with the human beings which are essential for a real evangelization.

Dear Friends, I hope and pray that your efforts for the New Evangelization through the net media will bear much fruit and create greater impact in the minds of the listeners and viewers. May God bless all those who have set apart a ‘lion’s portion’ of their time and energy in this field. May Jesus the prime Evangelizer continue to be with you all.

+ Bishop Camillo Ballin