About Jesus Youth Kuwait

About Jesus Youth Kuwait

The Jesus Youth movement took root in Kuwait when some Jesus Youth from India arrived here in the year 1999. Everyone knew that the Lord had brought them to this strange land with some specific purpose. Even though the climate, culture, rules and regulation sometimes limited the activities, it did not however affect the Jesus Youth life style and zeal for Christ. In the early stages, many a times it was even hard to form cell groups. JYs had to face a lot of obstacles, but the Spirit of the Lord helped them tackle every situation, and He guided and strengthened them through regular prayer and intercession.

Help came from many quarters in the initial years. The Lord has sent messengers like Rev Fr. Fio Mascaranas, Mr. Manoj Sunny, Rev Fr. George Kumbalamoottil, Rev Fr. Joseph Anthikkadu who helped the JY Kuwait get a real vision and sense of mission in its initial years of 2001 through 2005.  The participation in World Youth Day 2005 was a breakthrough for JY Kuwait which helped a lot to get an official approval from Local Church Hierarchy. In 2006, JY Kuwait conducted its first national level convention with more than 950 participants in Holy Family Cathedral and followed by this we could officially start our regular gathering in Church.

Now we have active prayer groups in all the parishes of Kuwait and many labour camps. Also we are growing through different streams as Kids, Youth and Family. We extend our services through Intercession, Music, Outreach, Logos and Medical Ministries. Also we are at the service of the church in different ways. By the grace of God, we are moving under the spiritual direction of His Excellency Bishop Camillo Ballin MCCI and all the priests in Kuwait.

 Jesus Youth is structured into different streams based on the focus areas of reach outs, age group and for the ease of meeting together, prayer and sharing the fellowship. All the activities within Kuwait are monitored and controlled by the Jesus Youth National Team (JYNT). The term of current National Team is from Feb 2013 to Feb 2015. The members of the current JYNT are below:

Dinoy David (Coordinator) - 99102335

Manu Michael (Asst Coordinator) - 65922464

Edison George - 66204836

James Joseph - 66850243

Shincy Shafi - 99319527

Jency Rogers - 65942167

Stephen Correya - 97114674

Jemraj Thomas - 97558393

Sinto Jose (Youth Coordinator) - 65710581

Jomon Varghese (Family Coordinator) - 60432455

Manoj Thomas (Ex-Coordinator) - 94013270

Biju Antony (Formation Coordinator) - 97944524,

Mano Mathew (Middle East Team Member) - 97696076,

Cyril Antony (Animator) - 97188422,

Rev Fr. Jose Nirappel Cap. (Spiritual Director) - 99337825

For more information, opinion and suggestions about Jesus Youth Kuwait, please email us - kuwait@jesusyouth.org 

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