Various Streams

 Other National Level Teams
Family Team - Jomon Varghese ( 60432455)

The focus of the Family team is to reach out to other families and spread the joy, love and happiness of Jesus Christ. Family Cell groups and small groups are the primary areas through which the Family Team works. It looks at a wholesome development of all its family members. Various sub-teams are in place under the Family Team for effective follow-ups and functioning.

Youth Team - Sinto Jose (65710581)

The focus of the Youth team is to reach out to the teens and youth in the country and to give the person of Jesus to others. The Personal Encounter with Jesus is treasured in their hearts and the same experience is spread to others through a one-one evangelization. Disciple Formation Programme are conducted once a year through which the members go through a thorough formation package.

Formation Team – Biju Antony (97944524)

The Formation team is in place as to provide formation of various modules and to facilitate the smooth transition of JY’s from one phase to another, along with their spiritual and character development.

English Team - Sunita Ronald (50535238)

The focus of the English Team is to reach out the non-keralite community and thereby to spread the Good News to all people. The group keeps their fellowship active through regular meetings and fellowship gatherings. The group is represented through their coordinator.

Parish Level Teams
Santhosh Varghese
Nimin Thomas
Shubin Mathew
Toju Mathew
The parish level core teams are the teams who look after and control all the activities of their regions. They keep the movement actives through regular prayer meetings, intercessions and frequent visits to JY families. Each region has a core team and the core teams are represented by their coordinator.