Jesus Youth Kuwait Ministries

Jesus Youth Ministries has been working among young people with the vision: Deliverance among youth; Revival among youth. We believe that deliverance causes a revival to breakthrough!  

Outreach – Mahesh Peter (99370621)

 The purpose of the outreach ministry is to reach out to needy and most abandoned, in labor camps and hostels. Various outreach activities are planned and conducted to visit the camps and help the needy by doing works of charity. The outreach activities are monitored by the outreach team and supported by various sub-teams. They keep their fellowship active through informal coming together in various camps and hostels in different intervals. 

Medical - Jisho Sebastian (67067288) 

This ministry caters to the entire Medical professional. The primary aim of this ministry is to believe and make other believe that they are the healing hand of God, who are called to care and support the sick and to pray for the needy and through their service spread Jesus to others.

Intercession – Jency Rogers (65942167)

The backbone ministry of Jesus Youth is the Intercession. All our activities and programmes are backed with the support of various intercession and prayer commitments. Wednesday is observed as the common fasting day.

Finance – Jemraj Thomas (97558393)

All the programmes, activities and mission are financed through tithe contribution of various individuals within JY. The Finance aims to monitor and control all the expense and to mobilize funds to mission areas outside Kuwait.

Music - Nishant K Thomas ( 99196813)

The aim of the Music ministry to preach gospel through Music, and they use their talents for the Glory of God. Music ministry is the livewire for any of our programmes. The music ministry members come together frequently for a time of fellowship and practice.

Child support – Edison George (97985409)

The official charity wing of the JY International helps in giving basic education of the children. The Child support team in Kuwait looks after the function of finding sponsors and regularly accepting their contribution and mobilizing the same to the Intl desk.

Logos – Sunil D’cruz (97519608)

This ministry aims at effective study of Bible and understanding the church documents. The motive to distribute Bibles for the needy is backed by this ministry. This ministry aims also to nurture more resources to lead session, praise and worship.

Prolife – Binoj Mathew (97958103)

The concept of the prolife team is to pro actively support life. It aims to create awareness among people regarding the importance of life from the very initial movement and not to act in any sense against the same. Various exhibitions and seminars are conducted to support this cause. This ministry is linked along with the Family Team. 

 Angels Family - Jaisy Biju (99495842) 

Angels Family  is a Jesus Family team  initiative, which helps parents to bring up their children in holiness. This ministry helps children from the moment of their conception till the end of their childhood to grow up as Jesus did, in wisdom and in favour with God and people. The traditions and values of the Church are imparted by the parents through the Word of God, Rosary, Sacramental life and teachings of the Church. 

Teens – Abhilash Vargheese (99012084)

The aim of this ministry is to give the person of Jesus to the teens along with the decision they make regarding their further studies and career. The teens are made to go through a thorough formation in experiencing the true love of Jesus. The ministry is active through regular monthly gathering of teens