Heart Talk- Dinoy David

Dear Family,


Wishing you all a joyful, prosperous and spirit filled greetings of the season.


May this, occasion be a time of sharing love and affection to the most needy.  When we talk about Christmas, we often recollect the hardship of the Holy Family for their journey to Bethlehem, which was at the end rewarded with the Birth of Savior. Are we able to take the whole concept much deeper and the actual struggles they had to go through?


Perhaps, the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem on a mule for an average would last up to 3days. Now, when the travelers are not in the best condition to travel, it would perhaps take longer. The physical condition of Mother Mary was not the best, she was in her last month of pregnancy and travelling would have been extremely difficult, and the weather conditions also may have been not favoring. So the journey would have taken much longer. They would have stopped at multiple places and rested, they would have sought some food/water/shelter during night at various points in different INN’S and houses through the entire journey of more than 3days. Some of them would have invited them, but not necessarily all would have welcomed them. The pain and agony of Joseph to take care of Mary must be very difficult. Yet they endured through the journey and reached the city of Bethlehem.  Even after reaching the destination, they could not find a house. Joseph would have wandered from one house to another, through the entire streets, knocking at every door of the houses, asking for a place to rest.  Mary may be out of tiredness, would have been left behind in a corner, or by the roadside, when Joseph was approaching various House owners, seeking shelter. There may have been a lot of passerby, some not bothered to look and show concern, may be some would have offered some light refreshments and water.  Invariably, after all these struggles, Joseph could not find a shelter and they had to settle in a cave, where normally all the cattle’s took shelter. Our Savior, the Almighty King was born in the most humble place on earth.  


Many of our friends and family members are in a struggle related to Work, Residency, Family matters, Spiritual dryness, and Physical sickness….etc.  Lets pray and hope this season of Christmas may all our endeavor reap good from all our struggles and help us to be a better person. Similar to our Holy Family being rewarded with Infant Jesus at the end of their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, let there be a savior being born in our hearts too.

Delighted wishes on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.


With Love,


Dinoy David

National Coordinator